Design researcher and interaction designer based in Washington, DC.

Currently, I focus on bringing human centricity to government


Recent Projects


How do I think?

User Research

I relish in understanding what makes people tick. My methods and objectives may vary, but at the end of the day it's all about getting down to the core of why things happen. Tools aside, I always seek to identify areas of opportunity for improvement and show how design can satisfy real world needs.


What's an idea if it doesn't exist in the real world? Fluff. That's what. 

Bringing ideas to life is a crucial part of my process. Different kinds of products have different mediums: therefore, I have learned to create prototypes that accurately represent use context and fill the research goals.


Whether physical or digital, ideas need to be refined into something more complete. My exploration into finalized aesthetic design has empowered my more seasoned research methodology, by steering everything in my process to be more actionable and goal oriented.